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Monday, October 22, 2007

It's time to push that other post down. The subject of Luke's deployment will undoubtedly be revisted, but not for a while. For now, we still have several weeks and I'm gonna enjoy them and not be mopey. Not to say that I have been mopey; I'm holding up pretty well and have managed to wait until he had left the house both times I lost my shit and bawled.

Fun things to talk about:

1) Halloween is right around the corner. Wednseday night, I'm picking out the pumpkins for the parents' porch. (Luke and I are moving in with them until he leaves, and then I'll either stay with them or find a cheap ghetto apt. to save money.) They have two steps on the upper porch that lead to the front door. We're going to put a pumpkin on both sides of each step, for a total of four pumpkins. And a lot of pumpkin bread.

2) I'm losing weight, for real. Apparently, not eating as much bad-for-you stuff and running is more effective than sitting around and eating junk. I'll be.

3) I am still going to Cali for Christmas. Still going to Catalina. Brandon is noodling for an invite, but I don't think that's a wise idea.

4) I fly from L.A. to Nashville on the morning of the 28th. From there, I catch a flight to Buffalo and stay until the 1st. Kickass. Get to hang with Tamara, meet Jeff, maybe see my beloved Falls again, and.... Luke, who will be doing two months of training in New Jersey, is supposed to get a pass between the 28th and the 1st. Could that have worked out any better? I think not. We won't know what day it will be until a couple weeks in advance, but I'm sure I can make it work. I cannot wait for this trip. Luke, Tamara, large bodies of water, holiday festivities, cold weather, warm houses, quaint winter headgear. It's like something by Louisa May Alcott but with jazz and a better variety of cheeses.

5) Having decided that Kate Walsh has the most beautiful hair color I've ever seen, I'm going for it. Or as close to it as I can get without bleaching. So it probably be darker red and won't look much like hers but I'm gonna try. I rock reds.

6) There is a great big world of teas out there, and I'm just getting my toes wet. This requires some reading and jounaling. Who knew? Right now I'm sipping a plain Darjeeling to familiarize myself with its taste by itself before I move on to infusions. Like wine, everything from season to location alters the taste. And that's just the basics. Start talking about infusions, and whoa. I'm also reading up on the history of tea, tea as natural medicine, and Japanese tea ceremony. We're not guzzling Lipton anymore, Toto.

7) I saw 30 Days of Night. It was terrible. Laughable. I was all excited, thinking, "Yes! Finally we make vampires gross and evil again! Enough with the sexy, tortured vampires! Here comes some forward thinking!" Nope. It was trite. predictable, and cheesy. *SPOILERS IMMEDIATELY AHEAD* And what's the deal with the little girl vampire? That shit's been done, Hollywood. That market was cornered by Kirsten Dunst over a decade ago. This little girl vampire wasn't scary or interesting or anything but...well, stupid. I can't believe Sam Raimi would allow something so ridiculous in his movie. But then...ok, that's a separate post.

8) Did I mention I've lost weight?


Anonymous said...

Before I even finish reading the rest of your post, do NOT invite that rat bastard to Cali with you!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, now.

I can't wait for the trip up, either! There's so much we can do.

As for Kate Walsh, she is the most gorgeous ever ANYWAY, not just the most gorgeous redhead. EVEN I have considered going that color red. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rock on with the tea. Good luck - maybe you can teach me something about it when you visit. I don't know SHIT.

And congrats on the weight loss, homie!

casey said...

Ok so I dont know anything tea but it seems to be popular among the inlaws and my mother and grandmother! So you go girl! More power to you for that cause I hate tea! Yuck! But if you come and visit Ill make you some! Anyway good for you for losing weight! Umm come visit me!! We will have fun!