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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So I saw Stardust. Twice. And I'm seeing it again on Thursday.
It's a perfect movie for the generation raised on The Princess Bride. It's so much fun! Humor, swordfighting, true love, campy British accents by American actresses, magic, evil witches, Robert De Niro as a pirate, Peter O'Toole as a king, UNICORNS, fire, goats, overly dramatic music crescendos, ghosts, miniature elephants, poisoned drinks, castles, runes, ferrets, and a guy makeover that transforms him into a seriously dreamy hunk. I even liked Claire Danes in it, and I don't usually like her. No trace of her Chin Wobble (TM) here.
Yesterday wasn't a total bust. My mother eventually remembered my birthday, as did my coworkers. There were Manhattans directly after work, which I had never had before and never will again. I'm just not a whiskey girl, at all. Not big on tequila, either. Two liquors I'm just not cool with.
I digress.
Then I went to Jessie's house, where she grilled chicken and made pasta salad AND mac&cheese , because there's no better way to eat on a birthday. Carbolicious. That's about it.

Anyone else want another look at Tristan? I know I do:

Silly girl, just standing there. Make. A. Move.


Anonymous said...

Um, I had this movie filed under the "Michelle Pfeiffer, films to see that feature" section of my brain. Was I wrong?

Anonymous said...

At least there are goats.

casey said...

Hey I really want to see this movie Im glad I know it wont be a waste of time and money!!! Happy Birthday! Im sorry I had no idea it was your birthday ! I have to admit Ive relied on a computer and My space to tell me when birthdays are, and frankly they let me down! Hope it was a great one!

sarah saint said...

Thanks, Casey :)

PT, Michelle Pfeiffer and her glorious cat eyes are indeed in this film. She's one of the evil witches and gets to wear billowing dresses and ringleted hair. Lucky.

casey said...

Damnit I want ringleted hair adn fancy dresses! How come they dont have stuff for adults were we are required to have that attire! Damnit we need an adult prom!! Well I guess a wedding but I want more damnit!!!

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