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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's Wednesday and I'm finally starting to recover, calorically and otherwise, from the trip to Missouri this past weekend. Luke called me on Friday to tell me that there would definitely be an all-day pass on Sunday and perhaps an overnight pass for Saturday. This call came in the middle of an already fanfrickintastic day. Highlights:

*Friday was Brad's last day (which isn't fantastic, but let me go on), so we gave him sort of a farewell lunch at Mi Toro (now it's fantastic!).

*Bobby picked up the tab. My boss owns.

*After lunch, it became a shoot-the-shit kinda day. We were all still working, of course, but more merrily than usual.

*One of the guys said he could tell I've lost weight, and did so without that implied "You were so fat before" that can make a weight loss compliment so bittersweet.

*I acquired a new stackable rack in which to organize the paper jungle on my desk.

*Nick noticed and made "nice rack" jokes all day, which I'm unevolved enough to have enjoyed. I'll take compliments where I can get 'em, even if they're in a joking manner and about my bosoms.

*Luke called mid-shrimp and mushroom quesadilla! Husband+culinary delight = heaven.

So after lunch, Nick drove me to the rental car place, where I rented a gorgeous 2008 Grand Prix for the trip. Right after work, I decided that I absolutely would not make this trip alone. So I called Brandon and told him he was going to Missouri this weekend with me and that I would be in Nashville in three hours. We went out to a couple clubs, dined at IHOP sometime around dawn (since IHOP is the only acceptable place to go post-club activity), and crashed. The next midmorning, we rose, had an early lunch at Kabuto, and hit the road. Did I mention that this is a nearly seven hour trip? No? Well, it is, and in case you didn't know, long trips get even longer when there is no planning. We made way too many stops, and didn't study the overly complicated directions well enough (not that it would have helped; screw you, GoogleMaps! We're OVER.)and got lost in St. Louis. Finally arriving in Ft. Leonard Wood, tired, cranky, and bloated from all the sodium in road food, we collapsed at a Motel 6. I chugged an obscene amount of water in attempt to lose 40 lbs of water weight in 5 hours, and got up early to straighten my hair and don heels. Oh, I looked cute. (Pics to follow when I feel like it.) We met up with Lucy at the PX and spent the day together. It was wonderful. I just love that kid. Can't get over how different he looks. So much older. And thinner.

And now I've received word that there will indeed be an overnight pass this coming Saturday (there wasn't one previously). So I've reserved my darling Grand Prix, and Brandon and I are again making the journey. This time, though, I'm preparing. I'm getting the directions perfect. We're going to bed at a reasonable hour Friday night. We're eating a free breakfast, compliments of Brandon's mom, and packing a cooler with goodies like bottled water, chopped veggies, and chicken breast. We make no stops unless one of us in on the verge of uremic poisioning. The only exception to this is that if Luke's pass isn't issued until the late afternoon, we're going to pop off to Adams for an hour or so to see if we can't find the Bell Witch. She'd better make it snappy, 'cause we're on a schedule. I could use a shiver or three.

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