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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The exodus went pretty well. I went to my house (well, got a ride to my house since my demoncar is in the shop AGAIN), and started the cleaning process. See, Brandon and I slept there the night before, when he came down from Nashville to get his portfolio. And while there, I realized that I had only slept there maybe four times in the past month. So it hadn't been cleaned in all that time. I hadn't left any garbage or dirty dishes out, but the place had been taken over by spiders and dustbunnies. So last night, I got the laundry going, re-washed the dishes that had been left in the dishwasher, dusted, stripped off all the bedding to be washed, cleaned the toilets and sinks, hosed down the kitchen with bleach, swept the whole house (it's all hardwood), and mopped the kitchen. I would have mopped the whole house but (grrr) the bottom actually fell out of the bucket as I was carrying it to the living room. Boy, that was fun. So actually the living room got a thorough mopping as well. By then, I was bushed. I checked the fridge. No good news there. Long-spoiled milk, condiments, and some tilapia I dethawed about three weeks ago. The freezer yielded freezer-burnt frozen veggies and sugar-free popsicles.

I called mom.

Stayed the night there again.

And I had plans to go back to my house, continue my cleaning, take a long bath in my scrubbed tub, shave my legs, and put my favorite sheets on my bed. Then my mother called me a few minutes ago and told me that my dad is getting called out to a fire and will be heading to Arkansas this afternoon. So mom wants me to stay with her for at least a few days so she won't be so lonely. *sigh* Ok. Mom and I actually have a really good time together in this kind of situation. Maybe it's reminiscent of the times my dad was out at sea or something. We'll have a good time, drinking Salty Pups and watching all the scary movies that we never get to watch together 'cause Dad hates anything remotely hinting at horror. (She loves horror, particularly when it's supernatural in nature, which is how my own tastes run.) I'm just eager to get settled in my own house again. I'd invite her to stay with me for a couple nights, but there's no way she'd leave the dogs alone, and they can't be at my place.

In other news, word on the street is that Lucy's getting an overnight pass this weekend. He'd better.


casey said...

Well at least your being a good daughter! Good job on cleaning! Well hope you get to your house soON! Uh and hope your car becomes pure and starts acting right@

Anonymous said...

May one ask a nagging question?

Why the hell did Brandon bring his PORTFOLIO along on the roadtrip? Rest stop reading?

sarah saint said...

Hehehe. He wanted to show Luke.

After all, wouldn't you be more interested in someone's portfolio than the wife you haven't seen in a month?

Anonymous said...

What a gigantic ass that boy is. Just...a gigantic ass.