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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Am I the only supernatural-stuff enthusiast who is utterly unmoved, unsatisfied, and underwhelmed by "orb" pictures and video clips? To me, they all look like either dust motes, bugs, or reflected light.

I know there's another level out there. I've been privy to it, and rarely when I've been prepared or actively seeking something out. I don't understand it, and I'm usually scared of it. It bothers me that there have been very few witnesses to my own experiences, and only one of them who had formerly been a skeptic. (He is no longer sceptical.) It's almost all under the heading of "subjective". I'm not down with that. I want irrefutable proof.

If I can't have proof, I can at least read some nice ghostie/goulie stories this afternoon. If you've got any tales to share, be they your own or your family's or even of urban legend-ancestry, I'm up for it. If you got 'em, bring 'em. It's a gloomy, cloudy day here and I'm aching for some spookiness.


Anonymous said...

I'm a believer, but I'm as skeptical as a believer can be without entering into nonbeliever territory. And I think I've already shared with you all the (few) ghosts stories I know.

So I'll tell you this story: Alicia thinks there is a ghost in her bedroom and that he cat Jazz not only senses it like she does but can see it. Sabian, much like his mommy, never seems to notice anything. Alicia's boyfriend Chris says that he once saw the ghost of a man in a khaki suit sitting in his favorite chair. When he told his roommate she intimated that her Uncle had been buried in a khaki suit. Oh, and when he sits in that chair and reads he believes the ghost is reading over his shoulder. And when he doesn't turn the pages fast enough he feels a peck on the shoulder that he believes is the ghost saying, "Hurry it up!"

Anonymous said...

OMIGOD! Shoes.

These shoes rule. These shoes SUCK! These shoes rule. THESE SHOES SUCK!

Those shoes are MINE, BETCH!!

casey said...

ok so wierd adnormal stuff! hmm well my son every night looks at the wall (like hes looking right at someone) and says hey!! Creppy! I think he talks to our ghost!He may just be wierd like hes mom , you decide!