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Monday, July 09, 2007

And I'm back in Corinth.

I was supposed to attend a wedding in Waterloo on Saturday evening, but as the afternoon approached I realized that 1)I didn't have anything to wear...really. I had stayed at Jessica's the night before and all I had were jeans/t-shirt stuff, and since she's like 5'3", we don't wear anything near the same size, and 2)I didn't want to go the wedding at all. I wanted to see The Harmony Brothers. So I scuttled back to Corinth, picked up some clothes and hit up Google & Lindsey for directions, and took off for Memphis. By the way, Lindsey's directions were alot better than Google's. Google can just bite me from now on. It would have had me all over the place, sweating in crazy multinumbered intersections. As it turned out, there are exactly 6 turns between my driveway and LT's, three of them in Corinth. Wooo!

Lindsey was an awesome hostess, and we had a lovely time, even if her kitchen is a portal to another world. (Just kidding.) We watched reality TV (too embarassing to specify which shows), sat up chatting, etc. More details on her blog...and I'd love to do the cool thing where you could click on, say, "her blog" and it would be a magic internet link that would take you straight there. But I can't, 'cause I don't know how. So I'ma point to the right, where you can find a link in the, uh, links section.

Went to the show, and it was super. There were three acts, all of them good, and the Harmony Bros were definitely the best. Pictures to follow later today.


Lindsey's foot stool lurks in dark places.

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