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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sometimes, you just meet people who are too creepy to blog about in public.

Monday, July 16, 2007

And I'm back in Corinth. Bleh.

I was in Missouri. Yay!

That's right. Saturday evening, I got a call from the beloved, informing me that he would have a pass the next day from 8am to 5pm. So Dad and I set out for Ft. Leonard Wood, MO at 2 am Sunday morning. We arrived at about 9. I was so excited I could barely take bad pictures along the way. Dad dropped me off at the PX, where Luke's pass was limited to, and after saying hey to Luke, took off for some national park another hour away to get another stamp in his park passport. Lucy and I spent the day wandering around the exchange, buying a sappy pink t-shirt announcing, "I *heart* my Army soldier" that is my official sleepshirt from now on, and sampling from the food court selections. We sat at a table in the court for hours, holding hands and chatting and looking at each other with big doe eyes, then took a little walk beside the building and sat at a picnic table to continue the chatting. There was no opportunity for any contact beyond hand-holding and a couple kisses. That'll have to wait until his next pass, an overnight pass in which he is allowed to take a taxi to the nearby hotel. Regardless, we had a wonderful time and I feel more relaxed than I've felt since he left. I can't describe how good it felt to just be with him and touch him. Awww.

The drive was exhausting. Next time, I'll be more prepared. ("Next time" may very well be this coming weekend.) I'm going to pack a bag tonight to have ready, including those fun-size toiletries, exotic underwear, body hair-removal apparatus, a change of clothes, and hair-styling tools. After being in a car for several hours and /then/ realizing I had grabbed the wrong damn shirt upon leaving (my dad stopped at a gas station right before we got to the base so I could change out of my pajamas and brush my teeth), I didn't feel so attractive. I know Luke didn't give a hoot about my shirt or that I hadn't had a chance or a place to straighten my hair, but still. Maybe it makes me shallow, but I wanna look good for him. He's in front of all his buddies, you know? So yeah. Next time, I'll grab my bag and go when I get the call and get to the hotel in time to actually get a few hours of sleep, take a shower, and subdue my hair /before/ seeing him. Maybe, just maybe, I could even catch a flight out of Memphis. That would be even more awesome.

Pictures to follow. I promise.


Friday, July 13, 2007

1. All right, here are the rules.
2. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
3. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
4. People who are tagged write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
5. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog."

I don't understand this tagging hooplah. I know I don't usually like to be "it".

1) While pregnant with me, my mother was continually ravenous for corn on the cob. I was a summer baby (August), so it worked out; bountiful fresh corn, and an excuse to eat all she wanted. The night she went into labor, my grandmother had prepared one of those huge southern feasts. Baked ham, assorted fresh and fried garden vegetables, corn bread, beans, taters, sweet tea, and of course, corn on the cob. My mother was just raising an ear of corn to her mouth when her water broke. My grandmother snatched the ear out of my mother's hand, which my mom still resents, and began barking orders as only a grandma can do. I arrived a few hours later.
I don't know whether it was the insane amount of corn I vicariously ingested in utero, or just the story, or what, but I'm not a fan of said starch. I could go the rest of my life without it and be totally happy.

2) I have an unusual, tiny birthmark in an unusual place.

3) I, similar to LT, have a fortune taped to my desk at work. It reads, "Look ahead or you won't get ahead." It felt appropriate for work.

4)Huge, irrational fear of tornadoes. Well, not so much irrational. They can kill you, after all (and they enjoy it). But even in an ordinary thunderstorm, I look up at the sky a lot and strain my ears trying to hear the fabled "train" sound.

5) On the first day of sixth grade, we had to play a game similar to this one. There was a stack of separated squares of toilet tissue on a desk, and we each had to take as many from the stack as we liked. I took seven. Then we stood in a circle and it was revealed that we had to say out loud, on the spot, one thing about ourselves per square we had taken. Panicked, I confessed that I had three hamsters (not so embarrassing)... and then demonstrated what they looked like running on their wheel. Yeah. Complete with "paws to chest" motion and tilted back head with passable hamster-face impression. For the rest of the year, I was the "hamster girl." Luckily, everyone forgot over the summer and I actually made friends in seventh grade. So sixth grade is the year I learned true empathy for the Dawn Weiners of the world.

6) If plied with a few glasses of wine, I may entertain you with a stirring rendition of "I don't know much (but I know I love you)", singing Aaron Neville's part. This talent was somehow coaxed out of me by my cousin Megan, who continues to this day to make me do it over the phone.

7) In exactly two months from today, I will be bringing my husband home from training. In exactly two months and fifteen minutes from today, I may be pregnant.

8) Filing monthly state witholding taxes makes me doubt the existence of good in mankind.

Monday, July 09, 2007

And I'm back in Corinth.

I was supposed to attend a wedding in Waterloo on Saturday evening, but as the afternoon approached I realized that 1)I didn't have anything to wear...really. I had stayed at Jessica's the night before and all I had were jeans/t-shirt stuff, and since she's like 5'3", we don't wear anything near the same size, and 2)I didn't want to go the wedding at all. I wanted to see The Harmony Brothers. So I scuttled back to Corinth, picked up some clothes and hit up Google & Lindsey for directions, and took off for Memphis. By the way, Lindsey's directions were alot better than Google's. Google can just bite me from now on. It would have had me all over the place, sweating in crazy multinumbered intersections. As it turned out, there are exactly 6 turns between my driveway and LT's, three of them in Corinth. Wooo!

Lindsey was an awesome hostess, and we had a lovely time, even if her kitchen is a portal to another world. (Just kidding.) We watched reality TV (too embarassing to specify which shows), sat up chatting, etc. More details on her blog...and I'd love to do the cool thing where you could click on, say, "her blog" and it would be a magic internet link that would take you straight there. But I can't, 'cause I don't know how. So I'ma point to the right, where you can find a link in the, uh, links section.

Went to the show, and it was super. There were three acts, all of them good, and the Harmony Bros were definitely the best. Pictures to follow later today.


Lindsey's foot stool lurks in dark places.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

So some stupid girl in Luke's unit (which sound bad but isn't) got the whole group in trouble by hiding a cell phone, and blew their pass status for the week. Good call. Twit. If she had waited another couple weeks, everyone gets their cell phones back anyway. (They turned their phones in upon induction.) So it'll be at least another couple of weeks before I can go see him. The good news is that from here on, unless someone screws up royally, I can go see him for every pass, even the ones where he can't go anywhere. I'm about to become very familiar with the car-rental business, which is kinda scary since I've never done it.

Has anyone here tried Melatonin as a sleep aid? 'Cause I've been using it, and it's herbal magic. Megan suggested it, claiming that it knocks you out as efficiently as OTC sleeping pills like Sominex or Tylenol PM, but without the Oh-my-dog-I-swallowed-a-pillow-and-there-are-fucking-tasmanian devils-in-my-skull hangover that so often occurs with such medicines. I really enjoy it. I don't know if the pills have anything to do with dream quality, but my dreams lately have been seriously nuts. I'm telling you, this is how I'm going to actually write and sell a novel; I'm going to just base it on my dreams. I had one a few nights ago that actually switched to animation mid-dream, with a trippy musical interlude. It was like Tim Burton and The Misfits had a baby in my brain. I woke up so impressed with my subconscious. And yes, I wrote it all down. It'll make its appearance in a bookstore or movie theater near you sooner or later.