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Thursday, June 14, 2007

So I saw Hostel II last night. Way, way different from the first. First, the main characters are female rather than male, which I think had a lot to do with the obvious cutback of T&A. A brief shot of Slovakian boobies is about it in that department... and Heather Matarazzo totally nude, but it's not meant to be titillating. There are a couple of male full frontals, but again, neither is meant to be arousing. One is an an art context and one is under pretty gruesome circumstances. I haven't looked around for any comments from Roth& Tarantino regarding the decision to cut out the horndog element that built the plot of the first one, because if I find anything along the lines of "this story is from a female perspective, and women just don't want to see sexuality like that", I'll daintily scream. This film also has way less gore than the first, thought more undertones of sexual violence. No one is raped onscreen, but it's hanging in the air, like the lesbian innuendo (because you can't have a movie with hot chicks without at least two of them considering some sapphic bonding *rolls eyes*). I'm not sure what the cut in blood&guts is about. Maybe it's trying to appeal to a more mainstream audience? Doubtful. Roth has never given us any indication that he's going for mainstream.

This movie was much more plotted, though I'm not sure in the right ways. Very little significant character development. A couple of token hoochies and bad guys. I think Hostel II's problem is that it can't decide if it wants you to care for the characters or just be shocked that all this death is going on. So it falls a little flat.


theogeo said...

I've tried my best to avoid the torture porn movies of the past several years, so I probably won't be seeing this. That said, I heart Heather Matarazzo.

Anonymous said...

Squirm. Squirm. Squirm. There's a (sometimes) fine line between horror and torture. Hellraiser: horror. Hostel: torture. Devil's Rejects: really disturbing horror, but still not torture. I won't be seeing this film because I have no desire to see torture portrayed or implied. While I did see the first one, I didn't realize what it was until the torture began, and I think the most digusting thing I've seen, to date, is someone hiding in a cart of mutilated bodies. Uncool with the Palm Tree. I will be in theaters, probably multiple times judging from the past, once Halloween directed by Rob Zombie comes out this August 31st. Make a special trip up and we'll go see it!

Let me add that I'm not trying to come off as a horror movie snob by any means. Think of me more as a purist. ;)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Sarah, Alicia and I stayed up until daylight over the weekend playing Bach duets. She was on alto, I was on soprano. AND I'm having my morning coffee in a black mug with gold saxophones on it. Yeah. That's what I said.

sarah saint said...

I could not look more puzzled

And after the purchase of my digital camera tonight, you'll SEE just how puzzled I look!

Anonymous said...

OK, that's probably due to my punctuation. Let me rephrase. Sarah Saint, I have something to tell you. "Alicia and I stayed up until daylight over the weekend playing Bach duets. She was on alto, I was on soprano. AND I'm having my morning coffee in a black mug with gold saxophones on it. Yeah. That's what I said."

Does that make more sense?

I expect to see a Flickr album with your name on it ASAP!

sarah saint said...

*slaps you with a trout*

Be-yatch, I got you. I just didn't understand why that info was pertinent on this thread. Not that I have a problem with it. I just don't usually associate horn duets with torture.


Re: Flickr-
Ok. But I only have a few pictures so far. The one already posted here, my dinner last night, and a picture of my Holly magnet on my filing cabinet at work. I'll be on it like whoa tonight, though.

Anonymous said...

You have a Holly magnet?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my god, you DID order a Holly magnet!

Hail to the King, Baby!

sarah saint said...

I support small business owners.