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Monday, May 21, 2007

So Luke left. I dropped him off with his recruiter in Selmer at 3:00am on April 25th. I'm not going to go far into how I feel about it. Suffice to say I miss him terribly, I'm very proud of him, and my bed is so empty I find myself sleeping at my parents' house more often than not. This is not the five months of independence I had pictured. This sucks. I love doing things by myself. Dining out, going to movies, etc. I guess I thought that would give me a leg up in this situation, that I am not as much of a social animal as other people.

I am wrong. I need petting. And since the one person from whom I will accept petting is now in Missouri, it's a cruel, cruel summer.

I don't mean that I'm moping around (anymore), watching The Notebook and looking at our wedding pictures. I'm working, a lot. I'm also being as socially interactive as I care to be, which consists of a visit with Jessie about once a week, an every-three-weeks visit with Megan, and evening chats with Brandon, mixed up with a couple calls with Jason every now and again. And I am digging the unlimited amount of time I can spend in the movie theater, and the ability to sip coffee, read, and chain-smoke as long as I want at the Omelet House. But my friends, I'd honestly rather be just hanging with the honey.

In other news, I just paid off one of the student loans that's been a bur in my side (?) for two years. That's a pretty good feeling.

Brandon just went home after an enjoyable 4-day weekend visit, and with him goes my acceptance of carbs.

That's about it.

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