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Thursday, May 31, 2007

So Luke graduates boot camp July 5th, and he has the remainder of that evening to spend with any family who comes to the ceremony before going on to A.I.T. the following morning.

Know what that means?


That's right. Brandon and I are again uniting forces, this time to plow through three states. I absolutely can't wait to see Luke. I know this is gonna come off as shallow (well not really, I mean I did marry him)... but damn, I know he's gonna look brutually hot. Push-ups and running in the sun makes for a good-lookin' fella. With that in mind, I've recently attacked my weight loss/beautification regimen with a Cristina Yang-like ferocity. More details of that to come over at Saintly Weight Loss.

*does happy-road trip dance*

Over and out.

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