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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wanna hear some bullshit?

I had Tuesday off. Allegedly. So Monday evening, as soon as I left work at 9pm, Jessie and I hit the road for Olive Branch, MS to go see Megan. We arrive in decent time and begin one of the best nights I've ever had. We stayed up until about 5am, chatting, sipping beer, eating too many chips and finally retiring after a dawn-trip to IHOP. About four hours later, Cato called me because apparently everyone within the same fucking zipcode as the store had some exotic reason they couldn't make it to work. I calmly explained (again) to Monique that I was an hour and a half away. She said she'd keep trying Alecia, who is chronically hungover and well, stupid. A couple hours later, Brandi, my boss, called me herself from home (she has strep and had not spoken to anyone or exited her bedroom for three days at the point of this call) and begged me to come in. So I do. I get there a few minutes later than I said I would, since I had to drive from Olive Branch to Corinth to Savannah to take Jessie home and back to Corinth, but I get there. I then work 12 hours the next day. Today is my new day off since my only other day off was butchered by Alecia's inability to ANSWER THE GODDAMN PHONE. And I just got called in because our Regional manager is coming in two days and I am apparently the only competent member of the Cato staff besides Brandi herself and Kim, who is transferring to another store. So I'm off to process the shipment that arrived MONDAY and still has not been completed because I was also the only one PROCESSING it. Thursday rolls around and everyone's in a panic, and I'm like, "Why the fuck was I the only one working on it? We can kiss our potential for a good audit goodbye, losers."

So I'm working every fuckin day this week too and have developed an interesting seizure-like spasm in my limbs. More on that later, when I'm NOT AT CATO.

I'm going to be very clear about my imminent departure if I'm not promoted or given a raise bordering on lewd within a week. This, friends, is some bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world, amiga. It's not so good to be Queen.

Beauty and the Blog said...

I don't really know what to say to that...because I'm on the phone with you now reading aloud your blog. Here's to awkwardness!