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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WHY am I so tired? I'd better get over it. Still gotta go to the gym.

I only ended up working two and a half hours yesterday. I was specifically scheduled yesterday because our DM was supposed to come and audit. She called and said she isn't coming until Friday. So boss lady rearranged my hours so that I only worked briefly yesterday, and am working open-close on Friday.

Which I don't mind. In fact, I rather enjoy audit days. Does that make me a freak?

Ok... the "former" tneants of my new duplex still haven't got all their crap out. They technically have until the end of the month because they paid a full month's rent, but they told the landlady that they would be out by this past Monday. They scheduled their read-off dates for water&utilities for Monday, so Luke and I got up all chipper Monday morning, paid the deposits, and took a few things to the duplex. Only we couldn't move it into the new place because the same old stuff is there that was there when I first went in to look at it. So... landlady is on vacation, thinking all is well, and I really don't want to call her, but I'll have to if they're not out today. There's the slim possibility that they're just abandoning the stuff, but who would abandon a table&chairs, a huge mahogany mirrored dresser, a shop-vac, and a nearly full bottle of Captain Morgan's? I WANT TO MOVE IN. 3 DAYS AGO.


Anonymous said...

So, did you burn your 500? I totally flaked.

Then I came home and got some disturbing news.

See Lindsey's blog.

sarah saint said...

I flaked as well. We hauled two loads of house stuff from Savannah to Corinth and all over, loaded and unloaded, and finally got some stuff moved in. By the time we were finished, the gym was closing in a half hour. So I gorged on rainbow rolls, tanned, and came home.

theogeo said...

Ha ha, suckas! 550 today! Booyakasha!

Also, all that mess at the high school and the florist is just awful.

sarah saint said...

Oh, yeah? Well I'll just have to double up tomorrow morning.

I'll be calling myself a moron for the rest of the day (working 9am to 10pm), but I'll be a slightly lighter moron.

Response to shootings on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Um, I guess I just suck. I'm depressed and not motivated. That's what I get for issuing a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Haaaa! LT, you crack me up.

'Ha! In yo' face, suckas! Boo-ya! Fuck you niggas and yo' weak-ass will! Watch the Primordial Motha kick yo' ASSES in the caloric-burn HOOD! NOO-YA!'

Oh, and I'm terribly soory for your loss.*


*You realize I had to fudge details to make this joke work.

Anonymous said...

And I had to be arrested for spelling-felony.