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Friday, January 12, 2007

So the living-with-the parents thing got really old, really quick. Not to say that it's been unpleasant. It's just time to go, before things get unpleasant. Mild squabbles over parking and my staying up late are increasing. So I got a duplex, and I do say "I", because I looked, I walked through, and I gave the fake enthusiastic smile to several apartments/potential landlords before finding the right one. Once I found one that I deemed suitable, I brought Luke to it, where he gave a nod of approval. Then he saw the kitchen and his head almost exploded, in the good way.
This duplex is unfrickinbelieveable for the price. Hardwood floors, new flooring in the kitchen and both bathrooms, huge cedar-lined closets, separate utility room, tons of storage space, a bedroom half the size of a Cato store, and a screened in front porch. I even have shrubbery!

A call to the animal shelter has eased my mind about Lebowski. He was adopted just a couple days after I brought him there. The guy wasn't specific, just that it was a nice family. I hope
(1) that he doesn't say that to everyone, and (2) that "nice family" doesn't include toddlers who pull tails.

I unfortunately cannot have pets in my new palace. Sorry Giada.
(Giada being, of course, Brandon's new pekapoo puppy.)


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Brandon and this adorable little pekapoo is named "Jeee-AHHHH!-Dah!"

Just like the cooking show diva herself would say. "Then you shred a bit of Moats-Ahh-RELLL-a!"

sarah saint said...

Mmmm. So creamy.

*cue porno music as Giada's nimble little fingers wield a big knife*

Anonymous said...

I really can't stand that show. *shudder*