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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


That's right. My baby, my son... my Lebowski. Since I couldn't bring him to Corinth and no one could take him, I had to take him to the shelter today. They have instructions to call me if no one adopts him and if they're going to put him down. In that case, I'll come get him and do SOMEthing. I probably seemed like the biggest freak today, handing over all his accessories.

"Here's his favorite mouse toy. *sniffle* This is his frog on a stick toy, but you have to take it away from him or he'll exhaust himself. Here's his food, he's not picky but don't give him Special Kitty canned food because I heard it causes liver problems. *sniffle*"

This really sucks. You don't meet many creatures in your life who love you unconditionally, and tonight, one of the few I've met is sleeping in a cage all alone with strange dogs barking on the other side of the wall.

Am I the biggest loser in the world? My husband thinks this situation is funny. He actually "humorously" patted me on the head.

*goes to look for a knife*


Beauty and the Blog said...

I see a breakout jail scene in our future and a possible harboring of a feline felon. You have GOT to actively look for a home for L. If you feel that strongly about it put an ad in the paper...in Corinth.

Anonymous said...

Honey, go steal him back and tell your parents that if they love you they'll let him stay while you find him a home. Then see how long you can milk it.