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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm blogging, which sounds really vulgar. Awhile back, this activity would have made me so hip. I feel like I've missed the real blogging revolution and am just grasping the coattails of people far cooler than myself. But I am blogging.

Do I need an intro or something?

My name's Sarah. One smile and, suddenly, nobody else will do.


Anonymous said...

Yo! Welcome to the blogwagon. I linked to your blog from my blog.

Now that's vulgar!

Beauty and the Blog said...

To quote a great philosopher and possibly the greatest thinker of our generation...with some slight paraphrasing...

Blogging "makes me want to take my clothes off"
Anyone else get hard?


Anonymous said...


sarah saint said...

Get hard?

Every time I blog, chigger.