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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I can't wait to move to Corinth. Admittedly, it is only about 50 minutes away from Savannah, but what a difference that distance makes. I gotta get out of Hardin before I start making babies every year and joining organizations.

Why have I even been here for so long?

Anyhoo, I'm joing a gym in Corinth. Really excited about the BIGASS POOL! That's right, pool. This means two things: 1) vastly improved cardiovascular health, and 2) a rockin' body. Swimming laps has a lipo-like effect on me. Back when I was hot, before I knew either of the people who read this blog, swimming was responsible for that hotness. My legs are so happy thinking about all the short skirts in their near future.

In other news, I ate sushi again today. And it was good.


Anonymous said...

Why are you guys moving to Corinth?

What gym are you going to join? GOLD'S GYM?!?!?

Heh heh.

Oh, and HAAA HAAA HAAA!!!!

sarah saint said...

Well, Luke's leaving for National Guard training right afer Christmas. We're gonna be moving somewhere else when he gets back, so I thought, "Hey- I can move out now and stay with the folks until he gets back and save a tonna money." So that's why I'll be in Corinth soon and why I've been spending so much time there lately. Getting used to it, looking for a decent place to work, etc. It's gonna suck royally to give up my cute little house (
and a good deal of my independence), but the thought of making money and not having any bills other than my cell phone for several months is just too good to pass up.

I'm actually not sure of the name of the gym. My parents are putting me on their deal when I move in.

Oh, and *bangs head on desk*