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Thursday, November 09, 2006

How sad is it when you're so starved for sushi that you get it from a Chinese restaurant in Corinth, MS?

*devours unidentified fish-rice food product*

Actually, I can get decent sushi in Pickwick. Freddy T's recently acquired a new chef, who does the most amazing Sunday brunches. He flies in all his fish fresh from Hawaii on Saturday.
His eggs benedict also rock the casbah. Just good info for the masses who are commited to this blog.


Beauty and the Blog said...

I can understand my dear girl. I spent 45 minutes out searching for sushi 2 days ago. I was supposed to be on my lunch break and was. The problem was...a routing trip for sushi turned into a desparate attempt and finally a turkey wrap and some awful deviled eggs and bottled water. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm not that familiar with Hermitage, so Kroger had to replace the object of my endeavor...Publix. Publix...you know...that place EVERYONE knows how to get to but you and you waste too much time trying to find the place and then you have to settle. You and you alone know the struggles we endure when deciding where to eat...lol

sarah saint said...

Oh, I know. We need to start strategizing four days in advance or we'll just ride around chain-smoking and getting distracted until we ultimately resort to cannibalism.


Anonymous said...

I had some awesome sushi today, actually. From PUBLIX! I had four different kinds: tuna, salmon, "Real Crab," and eel. The eel ones had eel sauce on them and were sprinkled with sesame seeds. They were awesome.

I can't believe Freddy T's has sushi.

Beauty and the Blog said...

Where have you been? Freddy T's is the new Sapporo's! Oh yes...complete with palm decor and artificial marine life. I know where I'm going when I deserve a break...not Freddy T's. I'm broke.