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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm suspended from work for a week.

Yeah. Ok- some background: Sunday night was sheer hell. I've never, in any work experience, had such a miserable seven hours. I got flustered and made several mistakes on the register. Two cooks left early and we were left with the one least competent cook, who fell in the cooler and had to take time out to fill out some accident forms, thus guaranteeing a ridiculously long wait time on the food. One customer tore me a new one to the extent that I had to turn my table over to Jessica and shakily smoke a cig in the back just to prevent myself from going Evil Dead in the dining room. I ended up having to discount the guy's ticket, and he still left without paying, so I discounted it some more and paid it my own freakin' self. BAD mistake. Fast forward to 4:48 this evening. Boss lady said she needed to speak to me immediately, and proceeded to cotinue tearing into my wounded posterior. And suspend me for a week because, "It don't look good, girl. I'm not accusing you, but it sure look bad, like maybe you's stealin'."
I'm the one waitress in that place who is actually financially honest. I report all my tips. I don't pass out discounts to friends. And I'm the one suspended for a week, right before Christmas. Never mind the fact that mistakes are made every night. Never mind the fact that other waitresses had severe screw-ups that fiasco of a Sunday night. Me. I can't begin to describe the indignant rage I'm experiencing. So what am I going to do?
I'm going to get up, put on some heels and foxify myself, and go to the Corinth Cato first thing in the a.m. From there, I'm going to grovel at the feet of my former boss, Donna, and plead my management job back. Quitting Cato was a huge mistake, and it is my intention to correct it. Giving up authority and a fat paycheck to serve pizza?!? *bangs head on computer desk*
And over what? A little boredom. My ennui issues have gotten me in trouble for the last time. If I can get my job back, I'm going to be the best damn Cato manager the southeast has ever seen. Give me back paperwork and scheduling! Ten hour days and mandatory hotness! An organized office and a fax machine!

I'm on a mission. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I thought about doing a blog similar to Brandon's latest, requesting the masses to leave me literary suggestions.

Then I realized that the only people who would read&respond are Brandon and Tamara. And since Brandon is also looking for suggestions and Tamara and I discussed our own selections on Brandon's blog, I would be getting virtually nowhere. We need new blood. We're altogether too incestuous.

Does anyone know anybody else?

I had sushi again today, and I was smart enough to get a takeout platter that Luke is going to bring to me at work tonight. Is it tacky to eat raw fish in a pizza restaurant? Oh, well.

In other news, Luke has vetoed the Christmas tree this year. He reasons that we should be packing, not putting up more crap. I know that this is correct and logical, but still... Christmas just ain't Christmas without ceramic mice in Santa hats and vegetation in the living room.

Monday, November 20, 2006

In a few hours, I'll be en route to Nashville.


It's been way too long since I've been out of the Savannah-Florence-Corinth range. So I'm bringin' my party shoes, even though I'll probably just be partying at the gym, and I'm going to have a fabulous time.

Here's to air that doesn't smell like a papermill every time there's rain.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I can't wait to move to Corinth. Admittedly, it is only about 50 minutes away from Savannah, but what a difference that distance makes. I gotta get out of Hardin before I start making babies every year and joining organizations.

Why have I even been here for so long?

Anyhoo, I'm joing a gym in Corinth. Really excited about the BIGASS POOL! That's right, pool. This means two things: 1) vastly improved cardiovascular health, and 2) a rockin' body. Swimming laps has a lipo-like effect on me. Back when I was hot, before I knew either of the people who read this blog, swimming was responsible for that hotness. My legs are so happy thinking about all the short skirts in their near future.

In other news, I ate sushi again today. And it was good.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I have nothing to talk about right now, so I'm going to post this. It happened to me the other night at work. My apologies to those who've already heard or read.

Yeah. I was trying to give this guy his order but he was muttering in that I'm-a-redneck-and-thus-so-superior-that-I-will-not-give-you-the-courtesy-of-being-audible way, and I couldn't hear his name. I decided to be a smartass and it backfired. Leaning all the way out of the window and moving my hand up to my ear to bellow,"I'm sorry, what did you say?", I dislodged the locks on the window and it slammed shut on the sides of my head. I had to wrestle with it for a minute, my face about 6 inches from his, and all I could say was,"I'm sorry, the door shut on my skull."
I've got to be the dumbassedest Pizza Hut waitress ever.

Last week, I was about to take an order at a table from the surliest family ever, and my knee just gave out. I did this light-speed squat down, and still squatting, I said, "Sorry, my leg is wrong. Did you want that on a pan crust?" The man looked at me like I had suggested that he remove his underpants and turn them over to the kitchen staff, and said "WHAT??" I just stuttered, "My.. muh..leg, it's uh ah well, my leg, well" and he just goes"Pan, pan! We want pan crust!" and glared at me as I hobbled away.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How sad is it when you're so starved for sushi that you get it from a Chinese restaurant in Corinth, MS?

*devours unidentified fish-rice food product*

Actually, I can get decent sushi in Pickwick. Freddy T's recently acquired a new chef, who does the most amazing Sunday brunches. He flies in all his fish fresh from Hawaii on Saturday.
His eggs benedict also rock the casbah. Just good info for the masses who are commited to this blog.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm blogging, which sounds really vulgar. Awhile back, this activity would have made me so hip. I feel like I've missed the real blogging revolution and am just grasping the coattails of people far cooler than myself. But I am blogging.

Do I need an intro or something?

My name's Sarah. One smile and, suddenly, nobody else will do.